All competitors and coach boats are required to hold a valid third-party liability insurance.


“WCS NoR/SI, Sec. 5.1

Each person in charge shall hold a valid insurance certificate showing proof of third-party liability with a minimum coverage per incident of JPY 100,000,000 (or equivalent) for WS Gamagori.“

Since non-resident of Japan is not accepted to take such insurance, please do not forget to buy it in your country or before you come to Japan.


“WCS Support Team Regulation, Sec. 1.7.1

Each boat shall be insured with valid third-party liability insurance with a minimum coverage of EUR 1,5000,000 (or equivalent) per incident.“

Boats that have not passed the boat examination and not been registered in Japan are not applicable for boat insurance provided by Japanese insurance company. So Please buy it in your country or before you come to Japan, if you bring your coach boat.